Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No. 1: Thanksgiving Wreath

For years, I have wanted a Thanksgiving wreath. I'm not typically a fan of the pre-made wreaths you can buy at craft stores and besides, they are too expensive. I actually saw one at Meijer yesterday that was on sale for $27.99. I kid you not. A Meijer wreath made in China or something. And the sale price was $30. So now that I've got my craft on, that wreath was Job 1 (and coincidentally, No. 1 on the Craft It List).

Here is the result. I am quite pleased with it, and really pleased to announce that I had nearly all of the materials on hand. The only Craft It Coin I spend was a few bucks at the Dollar Store, where I purchased some fall picks and fabric leaves.

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